How Smart Building Inspections Are Changing the Construction Industry

The use of smart building inspections is a powerful way to reduce costs and increase safety on the jobsite. These inspections use the latest technology including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and drone technology to help make a complex process easier from data capture in the field to decision-making in the office. The following are a few ways that companies like Cortland have been using these technologies to improve the building inspection process. Go Here For the Details

BIM has been widely applied in the construction process in recent years, but it is difficult to fully apply this system during the quality control phase. In order to improve the inspection quality, it is necessary to integrate smart devices with the existing quality control system.

Using a smart device, the inspection results are sent directly to a BIM server. Then, a supervisor can judge whether the on-site data meets the quality criteria within tolerance. If not, a request for reconstruction or re-inspection can be made via the group messenger.

Maximizing Safety and Performance: KK Forges’ Approach to Smart Building Inspections

For example, a tile construction quality inspection can be conducted by checking the amount of adhesive used, which is non-destructive and based on the thermal and image data. The new inspection process model that is integrated with the smart device can greatly improve the work efficiency of inspectors and supervisors.

High-resolution imagery and accurate data are essential to ensuring that a building is safe, efficient and compliant. Smart inspections allow for this information to be collected quickly and efficiently, minimizing time on the jobsite and delivering cost savings and peace of mind.

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