Mastercard’s CMO Talks Fake Influencers

Raja Rajamannar explains to stop fraud, marketers must ‘tackle it, mitigate it, eliminate it’

What did you think about Keith Weed’s comments about influencers?

Is Mastercard also going to rein in that area?
Rajamannar: Frauds come in many types. If you have bot traffic, that’s a fraud. If you’re having fake sites, that’s a fraud. Having fake influencers is one more kind of fraud. Whichever kind of fraud [it is] you need to tackle it, mitigate it and eliminate it.

A lot of people are deploying influencers as part of their core strategy. When the priority shifts behind influencers, money moves behind that and where there’s money the fraudsters try to gravitate. Therefore, the fraudsters try to take advantage of the situation. So there’s a phenomenon. We need to nip it. At least, mitigate significantly, but I don’t know if you can completely eliminate or not.

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