Snyk Alternatives

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Snyk alternatives are security solutions that can detect the same vulnerabilities as snyk, but with different functionality or pricing models. The following Snyk competitors are ranked based on their ability to detect and prevent a wide range of attacks, including XSS, SQL injection, PHP misconfigurations, unhandled errors, guessable credentials, and more. Most Snyk alternatives integrate with development workflows and IDEs to detect issues early in the development process, and can be layered on top of snyk for additional rigor around capabilities like interactive analysis or licensing management.

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Black Duck provides visibility into third-party open source license and security risks, while leveraging machine learning to keep ahead of new threats. Its scalable platform allows users to set security policies and rules to enforce organization-specific AppSec standards, and it can scan binaries like containers. Black Duck also offers robust Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to help identify vulnerable components within complex dependency trees, which can be hard for SAST to find.

Veracode is a leading application security testing platform with static (SAST), dynamic analysis, interactive analysis, and SCA capabilities. It integrates with IDEs and CI/CD tools for streamlined scanning, and uses multiple test methods to ensure optimal vulnerability coverage. It also supports manual penetration testing to verify fixes and provide remediation guidance. Its UI is user-friendly and easy to use, and it integrates with pipelines to identify and prioritize issues.

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