Stick on Polish Nail Art and Design

If you want to stay stuck on the polish of nail art and design trends without risking a full mani, stick on polish may be just what the beauty industry doctor ordered. The innovative new nail wraps, which are essentially stickers with gel polish applied to them, offer up a noncommittal way to keep your nails looking pretty for weeks at a time — and they’re far less harmful than liquid polishes or acrylics in the long run.

Nail stickers are usually sold in pre-cut sizes that cover the entire nail and replace polish, though they can also be found in smaller forms designed to decorate a regular manicure. In general, they typically have an adhesive layer on one side and a solid or glitter nail polish color or design on the other, though some, like these rhinestones from Olive & June, are more subtle for a classic look.

Stick-On Polish: Quick and Convenient Nail Color Solutions

In addition to being easy on the nails, nail stickers are often made of safer materials than traditional nail polish and are free from the toxins and chemicals associated with liquid nail polish and some salon treatments. When properly used and removed, nail stickers can also help strengthen and protect natural nails.

To get the most out of a nail sticker manicure, be sure to prep your nails beforehand by removing any old polish and wiping them down with an alcohol wipe. Then, gauge the size of each sticker before applying them to ensure that they don’t overlap cuticles or skin — leaving a tiny gap between the edge of the nail and the sticker is best. Finally, seal the stickers with a clear top coat.

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