Texas Flags and Items Collection

Texas Flags and Items Collection

Our curated collection of state of Texas flags and related items includes historic flags and a variety of Texan-themed gifts. Each item is based on historical records and eyewitness accounts from the time of Texas’ independence. From framed Full-Scale historic flags to smaller collector-size versions for your home or office, each has been designed to capture the authentic historical detail and artistic embellishments of priceless national treasures.

Texas Flags and Items Collection embodies the enduring strength and spirit of the Lone Star State. We offer a wide selection of outdoor flags in high-quality fabrics, all built to endure the elements of this diverse state. From our lighter poly to our heavy-duty polyester, these durable flags are designed for every corner of Texas.

Texas Pride: Discovering the Texas Flags and Items Collection

The first official Texas state flag was adopted in 1836 during the midst of the Republic of Texas’ battle for independence from Mexico. It featured a white five-pointed star in the center of a blue square one-third of the flag’s length. This simple design served as the visual distillation of almost two hundred years of Texas history and a testament to the ingenuity and perseverance of its people. Author Robert Maberry Jr. skillfully explains the evolution of the state’s most iconic symbol in his book Texas Flags.

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