The Rise of Youth Talent Scouting Through Football Video Games

The Rise of Youth Talent Scouting Through Football Video Games

Football video games such as EA Sports FC 24 enable players to manage a youth academy and scout promising young talent. The game allows players to create and evaluate players, and select and develop them until they become world class, allowing them to build an attractive club without needing huge sums of money to buy the world’s top stars.

This article explores คาสิโนออนไลน์ ยอดนิยมของกรุงเทพ the emergence of youth talent scouting through football video games, and highlights potential future implications for both the recruitment process in professional clubs and the players themselves. Through a qualitative exploration based on open discussions and unstructured interviews with professionals involved in the Italian football system (coaches, talent scouts, players’ agents etc.), the findings indicate that new digital technologies largely benefit the demand side of football talent sourcing, while a strong cultural and generational gap along the football talent supply chain generates a mismatch between young promising athletes and “senior” team professionals.

Beyond the Stadium: The Surprising Influence of Football Video Games on Fan Loyalty

To investigate scouting through football video games, a sample of scouts (n = 84) were given online access to standardised task instructions and match recordings of youth football players’ performances at selection tournaments. The between-group conditions differed in the playing formats (3v3 or 7v7) and knowledge of players’ relative maturation status was labelled via shirt-numbers to mitigate possible maturation selection biases. Each scout was asked to rank players observed at each tournament using a player-ranking template. The overall objective was to evaluate players’ performance insight, or their ability to “read” the game and adapt their own strategy accordingly.

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